While playing a game of poker, you will either know what you are doing or you will try to pretend like you know it all. Once you play head to head with others, even with online games, you will learn a lot as you progress through different stages of the game. However, video poker is pretty different. A majority of video poker machines that you find at the traditional casinos or the online casinos aren’t rigged the same way as a friendly tournament or a neighborhood poker game. To excel with video poker games, you will have to use your knowledge from real-time games and filter it through different components. We have listed the following tips, to acquaint you with poker skills and modern technology.

Know Your Hands

Regardless of which video poker game you play, you must always remember that not every hand is going to be a winning hand. With video-style gaming, it becomes difficult to assess which hands can get you a winning bet. You need to remember the combination of cards that can help you win. To begin with, you must discard the notion of a high card since you will not win anything unless you have triples, pairs, flushes, four-of-a-kind, and straights. Most average machines will not pit you against a computer; instead, they will try and make it a guessing game.

Never Chase The Flushes

Most people on video poker machines complain of missing an opportunity to create a flush. Video poker machines often leave gamblers with a chance to hit the flush. Chasing a flush can be a thrilling experience, especially if you get three out of five cards, you will be tempted to draw two more cards. Meanwhile, the computer will nail you down and you will lose the bet. Unless you have a fair idea about the cards that have been played, you must never chase the flushes. Counting can help, however, it is greatly discouraged at a bigger level.

Playing Wild

If you are playing at a video poker machine that allows jokers or deuces wild, then you must take full advantage of it on the sets. If you are playing a hand that consists of 5 cards and one of them is a wild, then it would be suggestive to draw three cards and make a three-of-a-kind. In case if you fail to make that combination, you can always win a safe bet with a pair.

These are the three effective tips to help you move forward with video poker. For the most part, video poker comes with a “lucky draw” element, however, that certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t win. It takes a little bit of time and practice to understand the video poker machines.